1. Celebrity supporters – UNICEF Ambassador Selena Gomez , along with Adrian GrenierDwight Howard, RihannaTaylor Swift and Robin Williams – will bottle their own tap water from their homes for a sweepstakes benefiting the UNICEF Tap Project. Supporters of the UNICEF Tap Project can enter to win a limited-edition “Celebrity Tap Pack,” a one-of-a-kind case of custom-made water bottles featuring tap water from the homes of each celebrity advocate, all the while raising vital funds for UNICEF’s clean water and sanitation programs.

    Supporters can enter to win the Celebrity Tap Pack with every $5 donation made through April 30, 2011 at 11:59:59 ET. All funds raised will support UNICEF’s clean water and sanitation programs in Togo, the Central African Republic and Vietnam. Supporters can learn more about the celebrities’ involvement with the campaign at http://www.tapproject.org/


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